Super Steals

Super Steals by embellishedcloset featuring Marc Jacobs Water Resistant Watch

1. J.Crew Merino Tipped Sweater / 2. J.Crew Tuxedo Tank / 3. NARS in Jungle Red / 4. ASOS Ball Cuff / 5. CK Joyous Bracelet 6. J.Crew Baseball L'Amour Tee / 7. Marc Jacobs / 8. Paige Jeans / 9. Tory Burch / 10. J.Crew Cleo loafer

Calling all bargain shoppers!! There is a sale currently at J.Crew that you must not miss! I've been eyeing the J.Crew Jeweled Tuxedo Tank in white (I can never get enough of clean why blouses) and once it was marked half off, I couldn't grab my wallet fast enough. On top of that, there is an additional 30% off of ALL items! Bellas, I know, lift your jaw from the floor, it isn't ladylike ;-) I also nabbed the L'Amour Baseball Linen tee, Cleo suede loafers, Merino Tipped Side Panel V-Neck sweater (which totaled less than $20 and also comes in this pretty lilac color...almost got both!), and the super cute Cleo suede loafer. I've been wanting a suede loafer for the longest time! I saw a pair at Madewell's last year put jumped on it too late and it had sold out. No way I was going to let it happen again!

There are tons of other great steals in the sale section...stop by! And don't forget to use the J.Crew promo code: SHOPNOW for an additional 30% and (some) 50% off

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!! :-)


  1. Love the Jcrew baseball T and the Tory Burch striped bag. All great picks.

    stop by anytime :)

    1. Hi Liz!
      Thanks so much! The baseball T is my favorite on this set by far!!
      Thanks, think I'll stop by now! :-)