Top: J.Crew Western Denim Shirt / Top: Jim Morrison tee (old, similar here) / Bottoms: J.Brand Photo Ready Skinny Jeans / Shoes: Nike Air Max (old, new here) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator

Day 3: Last Day of Yosemite trip another hike to a waterfall. You can say waterfalls was our theme for this visit :-) It was about a 3 mile hike to Vernal Falls from our camp at Curry Village. Doesn't seem too bad right? Well...3 miles straight up is NOT the same as a 3 mile stride across the park. But it was a very pleasurable hike, didn't feel like 3 miles at all. Not until the last .3 miles!

For the hike up to Vernal Falls, I wore a slightly loose fitting cargo capri, my Jim Morrison throwback tee and since I don't own a pair of true hiking boots...combat boots it is! My boots actually weren't exactly the best pick when it came to the last stretch of Vernal falls...as you see in the last photo, there is a narrow and steep stone pathway up and there is absolutely nothing preventing a slip over the edge!! I would have felt way more safe wearing shoes with a tread. Next time!

For now, here are some other trendy cargo pant...some spiced up a bit to add a dose of chic to your look!

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