Sitting on the Dock of the Bay

Photos by: Larry Wong

Top: Bebe / Dress: Anthropologie Marlo Dress (sold out, similar here) / Hat: F21 Felt Fedora
Shoes: BCBG Darron Pump (splurge here) / Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair (on sale!)

Hi Dolls! It's been quite a while hasn't it. I sure have missed you! Things have been running amok on my end; changes at work, home and there's something I've been wanting to share with you all for quite some time. I have relocated from the West Coast to the Dirty South! ...well not too dirty and not too south, Charlotte North Carolina to be exact. What's funny is my move started as a joke!

I work for a software development group that has multiple locations across the country; SF, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Des Moines, Salt Lake City and Charlotte. A position came available in what seems like forever ago at the Des Moines location and I ran into my bosses office expressing with loads of enthusiasm asking to take that position! He looked at me dumbfoundedly, blinked twice before saying, "Are you serious??" Nothing against the city of Des Moines but anyone that knows me knows I'm a city girl to the core and nothing can (so I thought!) steer me away. We are talking about someone that keeps a cocktail dress and strappy open toe shoes at my desk just in case a mixer or date comes up at moments notice, baseball cap and a tee in case someone scores ball tickets and trusty Lunar Glides in case the mood calls for a TRX class or a run on the Embarcadero! So for me to express interest in a place where anything less is offered is a complete shock. Surprisingly my boss said sure, we laughed and that was that. A week later I started to wonder, hey, what if I wanted to move to another city, would the answer be another "Sure!"? So I tested my luck and asked about transferring to a city that I could see myself living; Queen City! The journey started with me taking two years traveling back and forth visiting and exploring Charlotte with each visit getting better each time!

Of course with moving across the country I would be giving up seeing my beloved family and out of this world friends. But when deciding to move this saying kept coming my way, You don't start living until you leave your comfort zone. I kept telling myself this and thought it would be another great adventure and hey if it doesn't work out I'd be welcomed back with open arms. So far I am loving my new city and I get super excited each time I explore what this beautiful green city has to offer! I've been meeting great folks, mostly transients, left and right and I plan on whipping my fashion blogging back into action!

Thanks for stopping by and if any Charlotteans out there, give me a buzz!