The Feature + Blogger Tips

Couldn't have done it without the photog skills of my coworker and friend Scott Kong!! Creator of Let Photo's Speak.

Original Image by: Scott Kong

Hi All! Hope your week is going great thus far! Mine, such a roller coaster! If you're following me on Instagram and Facebook, you've noticed my super cheesy pose holding the latest August issue of People StyleWatch...where my look is featured in You Got It Right!! It's such a rewarding feeling considering I'm fairly new to the fashion blogging game. Seven months in counting! And as a new blogger I know how difficult it is to learn the "precise" way to get yourself out there and broadening your network to gain more exposure! This post is dedicated to sharing my tips and tricks that I've learned (and still learning!) and applied along the way. I'll start by sharing my story of how it all happened. It ALL started with a hashtag...!

People StyleWatch asks for fashionistas to hashtag their favorite stylish outfits with #yougotitright and it gets uploaded to their site. Non-Instagrammer? You can also upload a photo directly. From there they select a few each month to feature in the You Got It Right section!! For more visibility, share your upload on Facebook and Twitter and have your friends vote for your look!

Back in March, I uploaded a picture and a few weeks later, I was contacted by someone at the mag in saying I’m being “considered” for my look in the coming August issue (I know, reeeeallly?? An entire half a year later?!) So they asked me to sign a release, send the original photo and answer a few questions about “my look”. So I sent away and patiently waited, waited, and waited….and waited and didn’t hear anything back! I assumed I didn’t make the final cut. And knowing myself, no way I could follow-up and ask…I don’t know how to handle rejection!!! Fast forward to today…a girl commented on one of my pics saying, hey, I saw you in People StyleWatch. You won’t believe how fast I RAN out the office to the nearest Walgreens to raid their shelves! Flipped through with my coworker and as soon as we landed on the page…Jumping, screaming hitting, hugging! 

My tips for wonderful and amazing bloggers you:

1) Try the best you can to have frequent posts (I know, I'm not the best example!), the more active you are the more likely interested fashionistas will visit again to see what's new.

2) Be active and make friends with fellow bloggers! This is so key, there's nothing like making friends with other bloggers either directly from the blog or on Instagram or Twitter. You feel more welcome to have discussions or even meet ups for blog collaborations! 

3) Gain followers from other social networks, i.e. Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If you haven't already noticed, I hashtag the life out of every picture I post! These hashtags really gain tons of visibility. Have you ever clicked on a hashtag to see what else populates? Well imagine if your picture appears on 10 or more hashtags for each post. Do it!

4) Follow other bloggers and comment on their posts. I've noticed a ton of my traffic comes from other blogs. Others love to read other comments and check out the person/blogger behind it. Just make sure to leave your link beneath your comment...and comment as if you're talking to one of your best pals! You're personality shines through much more.

Hope these tips were useful for you!...Now go out and start uploading your looks to People StyleWatch!!



  1. Great tips!! Super helpful :-) and congrats on your feature!

    1. Thanks so much Reina!! Wow, fantastic name you've got there ;-)

  2. This is amazing! Congrats! And thanks for all the great tips. I'm just starting out myself and all the advice I can get really helps. Keep in touch,


    1. Hi Natalie!

      Thank you!! I'm so glad I'm able to help out! I remember the moment I created the blog...(scratches head and thinks, "what now?!") Any insight I can share, I'm happy to pass on!

  3. Congrats on your feature lovely!


  4. Congratulations! I made it to that page too! :-) I am the one on the bottom. It is exciting. I especially loved my 7 year-old daughter's expression when she saw me in it. :-) It was priceless!


    1. Hi Olya! Nice to meet you! I noticed your look, so cute! Very cool, I'm happy that we can share in the excitement of this together...thanks for connecting with me!

  5. Congratulations! It's really cool! Thank you for tips! And I love your outfit, not surprising they wanted to feature you :)

  6. Love these tips! Thanks for sharing.

    xo Amanda

  7. thanks for the wonderful tips! I just stumbled upon your blog! And wow it is amazing, definitely one which is great for inspiration. I love this post specially the great vivid pictures! I would love for you to check out my blog, which by just scrolling through your page, I know you will love!! Keep up the good work

  8. Wow, amazing feature!! And great tips! U always look fab!

    Tara Belle

  9. Great tips. I only ever used hashtag with twitter so I'll definitely be using it more now. Well done for doing so well.

  10. Congrats on your feature! Beautiful look. :-)


  11. Congrats!!


  12. Congrats on your feature Raina! As a fellow SF blogger I am happy to see there are two SF bloggers featured! Thanks for the blogging tips. I am also a newbie blogger (4 months old). :)


  13. Thanks so much for the tips, and congrats on a huge milestone!

    xo Lisa

  14. I love these tips & thanks so much for sharing, great inspiration for us new or semi-new bloggers!

    xoxo, Daisy from www.Budget2Beauty.blogspot.com

  15. WOW! Congrats! I'm super impressed!! Amazing feature!!! Loved your points... since I'm a bit new to the game!! Loved stopping by your blog!

    xx. Michelle

  16. Love it!!! Thanks for the tips. I can only imagine the excitement you felt seeing yourself in People Mag!! That's major exposure!