Ruffles in Monaco

Of all the places I've travelled to, I'd say Europe is my favorite. The sheer ease in ease in traveling from country to county and the amount of time as quick as traveling from one state to the next in the States. My friends and I entertained the idea of traveling to Monaco once we got to Nice and decided to play by ear depending on plans. Once we saw how close our AirBnb was to the train station we knew must make this mini trip happen! Especially considering the city was only a quick 15 min train ride away! The trains are double deck and cost about 7 Euros to travel round trip. I recommend giving yourself a few extra minutes when arriving at train station to purchase your ticket. The train station is extremely large and provide other services so it’s a bit confusing where exactly to purchase tickets. I’ve rode a number of municipal railways and it took the help of me and 5 other people to figure out how to purchase a ticket from the kiosk! The crazy part is, I liked the challenge it tested my 4 weeks of French skills :-)

There’s no color I enjoy wearing more than white when I’m in a coastal city. And because it was my best friends birthday we all decided to wear white for dinner in Monte Carlo! There’s a gorgeous restaurant we found and the views were just incredible. It was quite the experience being in such a beautiful country with my closest friends enjoying great food and drinks together. If you ever make the trip to Nice, visiting Monaco is a must! Happy traveling!



On the Seine

Dress: Zara Sheer Dress (similar here) / Jacket: Trouve / Booties: Treasure & Bond Winsor Boot

Question. When you go out of town do you ever kick up your wardrobe a notch? Not just putting together more stylish looks but looks that are a little more daring and risqué? Well I am so guilty of doing just this! Items that I purchase but afraid to wear either because it's too revealing, maybe not for the right occasion or just don't feel completely comfortable, all those concerns go out the window when traveling. Matter of fact, these are the first items I end up packing! And one of those items being this little sheer number I wore on a dinner cruise on the Seine River.

I love that the style is a long midi-dress with long sleeves. I can choose to wear a short or long slip with both offering a completely different look. Because walking in Paris is no joke, I ditched the ankle strapped heels, which would have been my preference, for booties. Who would've thought how popular this style is now, I never see anyone wearing the same style yet there are tons out there! Here are some of my faves!


Musée Style

Scarf/Top: Mango Printed Scarf (similar here and here) / Bottoms: Elevenses Wideleg Pants 
Hat: J.Crew Panama Hat / Bag: Target Reversible Tote Bag

Anyone that knows me well knows that I'm a sucker for history and historical archeology. So when I found out about a museum on an old Roman city I was all over it! There are a handful of museums in Nice and with the purchase of a day museum pass you have access to all of the museums for under $20! The first stop was the Matisse Museum. Much of the museum featured cut-outs that Matisse kept over the decades in his home, projects he started on and sketches with structural renderings built out. Right next door is the Archeological Museum built on the city which used to be called Cemenelum! For centuries it was a Roman city and capital that was the meeting place for city officials and politicians. Here was a large market area, Roman Baths and rooms where political transactions occurred. It was such a treat to walk through the ruins envisioning people walking about thousands of years ago. What were the people like, what kinds of conversations did they have, more importantly, what did they WEAR?! :-)

I am wearing what's featured on a few posts back on the beach, So Bleu. Only difference, I've got a makeshift top using a printed scarf I found in Paris! It was the perfect day for the beach and museum exploring.