Welcome to The Embellished Closet!

I'm Raina Washington and founded The Embellished Closet January of 2014. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area and I'm an Oakland native. With spending years being consumed with anything fashion, I decided to have a repository of the things I absolutely love. This blog is a display of what I pull from my closet with the hope of spreading a little fashion inspiration. I look forward to sharing my personal style, deals, steals, current trends and any and everything on my radar!

What got me started? 
My friends have been a huge inspiration. Here and there, friends have asked me to help pull looks from their closet, assist in finding items for special occasions and being their most trusted personal shopper. One day, I dedicated an entire day to help a friend construct outfit ideas from her recently purchased items. We had such a ball mixing and matching new items and old items here and there. I took a photo after each look and created an album so she could have a lookbook to reference. After that, I was hooked and eagerly look for the next closet to tackle ;-)

Do you have any tips for new bloggers?
My number one tip is consistency! Viewers and fellow bloggers love seeing up to date content; the frequency of daily posts increases the volume of daily traffic. Be sure to make friends with fellow bloggers, don't be afraid to follow other bloggers, start conversations and ask questions! With your daily posts, write from the heart and let your personality shine through. Happy blogging!

Who takes your photographs?
I have two friends and phenomenal photographers, Scott Kong and Larry Wong that take my photos. Each blog post displays photographer below last image. Below is their contact info:

Larry Wong  .  L.Wong Digital Imaging .  LWong.net  .  lwongis@gmail.com  .  Cost: works w/ budget
Scott Kong  .  Let Photo Speak  .  letphotospeak@gmail.com  .  Cost: works w/ budget

Thanks for stopping by!

- Raina