Dress: Leifsdottir Ottoman Popplies Dress (sold out, avail on eBay) / Shoes: Shutz 
Bag: H&M (old) / Lip: NARS Valparaiso

Happy Earth Day!! I'm surprised I haven't seen much uproar about conserving this Earth Day. I personally do what I can, if I can remember! ;-) I commute into work each day by way of casual carpool...what is it you might ask? There are designated spots in different areas in the East Bay where people need to commute into the city. The cars line up and so do the people, two people get into each car and off to the freeway it goes. I've been doing it since I can remember! I feel totally comfortable, and it's a super fast ride into SF in the carpool lane! BART, subway, is convenient and close too but it is ALWAYS packed during commute hours. What are you doing to conserve energy??

This dress was really like finding treasure. I had my eye on it last year at Antrhorpologie but didn't want to pay the $300 for it at the time. I waited and waited and then it was $100 off...and I waited and waited and it was another $100 off! That's when I nabbed my sneakers and booked to get it! Unfortunately, it was only left in a size larger than I wear but I purchased anyway. I would rather purchase too big than too small as it can always get altered. I think the print is so lovely and the material makes it very romantic...the key hole cut-outs on the neckline spices it up a bit. I've found it available on eBay in a size 6 (which is the size I'm wearing!) but have spotted other pretty floral designs.

Check it out!

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