Images by Scott Kong

Dress: J.Crew Crepe Shift Dress (on sale!) / Shoes: Steve Madden (sold out, identical but splurge here,  similar here) Ballet Flats: Banana Republic Abbey Ballet Flat (on sale!)
  Jacket: SM, old (similar here and here) / Bag: Vintage / Necklace: Anthropologie (avail in stores)

Hi again! Okay, it's not what you think...not that I have the blues blues, I've been obsessing over blue so much I don't know what's come over me! My friends and family always tease me about wearing so much black. Ha! Eat your heart out! ;-)

I picked up this beautiful cobalt blue crepe shift dress from J.Crew...on sale! I was surprised there were so many left, and in two other colors! It is a must buy. And because of the fit, it can be worn multiple ways. Start out with it belted, maybe after breakfast and gorging on lunch(which I usually do after every meal) remove the belt and for the walk or commute home, throw on your flats! The dress is so classic I think any age and body type can rock and it'll never go out of style! It almost reminds me of a 50's style dress, just a little more on the loose side. I personally like loose flowy fabrics, I find myself dressing more for comfort lately. I get a little self conscious if things are too tight, esp if I'm wearing it ALL day!

Hope you find the dress still available in your size! 



Dress: Leifsdottir Ottoman Popplies Dress (sold out, avail on eBay) / Shoes: Shutz 
Bag: H&M (old) / Lip: NARS Valparaiso

Happy Earth Day!! I'm surprised I haven't seen much uproar about conserving this Earth Day. I personally do what I can, if I can remember! ;-) I commute into work each day by way of casual carpool...what is it you might ask? There are designated spots in different areas in the East Bay where people need to commute into the city. The cars line up and so do the people, two people get into each car and off to the freeway it goes. I've been doing it since I can remember! I feel totally comfortable, and it's a super fast ride into SF in the carpool lane! BART, subway, is convenient and close too but it is ALWAYS packed during commute hours. What are you doing to conserve energy??

This dress was really like finding treasure. I had my eye on it last year at Antrhorpologie but didn't want to pay the $300 for it at the time. I waited and waited and then it was $100 off...and I waited and waited and it was another $100 off! That's when I nabbed my sneakers and booked to get it! Unfortunately, it was only left in a size larger than I wear but I purchased anyway. I would rather purchase too big than too small as it can always get altered. I think the print is so lovely and the material makes it very romantic...the key hole cut-outs on the neckline spices it up a bit. I've found it available on eBay in a size 6 (which is the size I'm wearing!) but have spotted other pretty floral designs.

Check it out!



Dress: Alex+ Alex / Shoes: Aldo (old, splurge here, and here, steal here) / Necklace: J.Crew Bubble Necklace (similar here on sale! and here) / Bag: old / Lips: Stila (Terracotta Vinyl)

It's the day after Easter, hope everyone had a great one! I'm not a morning person at all...I told myself before hitting the sac that I would get out what to wear to church so absolutely nothing could hold me up. Did that happen?? Of course NOT! Never does and probably never will :-) When I woke up, it was a beautiful bright gorgeous morning, I decided to wear something just as bright and colorful as the Sunday sky.

I'm wearing the J.Crew Bubble necklace in Turquoise blue. I sometimes like to wear the same color jewelry on top of the same color clothing. It adds another dimension to the article of clothing while not taking away attention from the garment. There are actually more affordable alternatives to the Bubble necklace that I found...wish I had known before I got this piece! I would have gotten every color of the rainbow ;-) There is even a little girls J.Crew Bubble Necklace that I think is so adrob!!The Alex +Alex dress I scored when shopping on GILT not too long ago. Good news and bad news: Bad first, The sale for Alex + Alex is over. Good news, they always bring it back every couple of weeks!

Till next time dearies!



Top: Gap (old, identical here) / Bottoms: 7 Jeans Josefina Destroyed Cuffed Jeans
Hat: J.Crew (sold out, similar here and here) Shoes: Keds (similar, and for Kate Spade! here and here)

On the way back home from Yosemite, last stop the beach! Muir Beach to be exact :-) We came from super sunny skies to overcast weather...but it was still a gorgeous view. The beach puts me at ease, it was very relaxing after the long drive back.

Brought my crochet bathing suit just in case and layered it with a white button up and faded boyfriend jeans. Come Monday, back to The City life...thank gawd! ;-)



Top: J.Crew Western Denim Shirt / Top: Jim Morrison tee (old, similar here) / Bottoms: J.Brand Photo Ready Skinny Jeans / Shoes: Nike Air Max (old, new here) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Aviator

Day 3: Last Day of Yosemite trip another hike to a waterfall. You can say waterfalls was our theme for this visit :-) It was about a 3 mile hike to Vernal Falls from our camp at Curry Village. Doesn't seem too bad right? Well...3 miles straight up is NOT the same as a 3 mile stride across the park. But it was a very pleasurable hike, didn't feel like 3 miles at all. Not until the last .3 miles!

For the hike up to Vernal Falls, I wore a slightly loose fitting cargo capri, my Jim Morrison throwback tee and since I don't own a pair of true hiking boots...combat boots it is! My boots actually weren't exactly the best pick when it came to the last stretch of Vernal falls...as you see in the last photo, there is a narrow and steep stone pathway up and there is absolutely nothing preventing a slip over the edge!! I would have felt way more safe wearing shoes with a tread. Next time!

For now, here are some other trendy cargo pant...some spiced up a bit to add a dose of chic to your look!



Top: J.Crew Western Denim Shirt / Tank: Mossimo Tank / Bottoms: J.Brand Photo Ready Skinny Jeans 
Shoes: Nike Air Max (old, new here) / Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Mirror shades

The drive to Yosemite Valley has been the most enjoyable experience. Besides the sights of an island, I've never seen anything so beautiful!! All the beautiful trees, hills and mountains...breathtaking! Day 2 of Yosemite was a hike to Lower Yosemite Falls and an "attempt" at Upper Yosemite Falls. The hike from Yosemite Village to Lower Falls took about 30 or 40 minutes. Not bad right?? My family and I were so happy once we got there, had a mini photo shoot, then we decided to go to the top of Yosemite Falls! We started around 4pm and up we went. As we went up the zig zaggy winding rocky hills of Yosemite Point, one hour in people began to trickle down with backpacks, cameras and water in hand. Every now and then someone would tell us, "it's still a LONG way up...!" I just replied with and okay, thanks! :-) About 20min later, I finally asked someone what time they started the hike, their response...10am!!!!!! O_O We couldn't turn around fast enough!!! By the time we made it up to the top it would have been dark! Once we got back down to the start of the hike I looked at the tour map and the Upper Yosemite hike trail was listed as a 6-7 hour hike. I was a little disappointed but even more reason to go back!

As with all trips I packed my trust J.Crew Western Denim shirt. I can't think of any other item that's more perfect for layering. It's not too light yet it's heavy enough to wear as a lightweight jacket. I'm also wearing a pair of jeans that as so soft and comfy they feel like leggings, J.Brand Photo Ready skinny jeans in black. I wore them on the trip to Yosemite and for the days' hike. Yes, they are THAT cozy!

There are tons of chambray and denim shirts out there, the question is, which one do you want to get your hands on??!



Top: ASOS sweater (gray and black)/ Bottoms: J.Brand Skinnys / Shoes: VS Moto Boots (Similar here and here)

It's been quite a while since I've been on a road trip...the last time was a 5 hour drive down to Los Angeles for The Happiest Place on Earth! :-) This time around, something was beckoned me to the bone...nature was calling my name! Believe it or not, this was my very first trip to Yosemite. I was so blown away my the beauty of Yosemite, I was upset with myself for having gone sooner!! I'm dedicating the next few posts to everything Yosemite Valley. Warning- the pictures do the real thing NO justice!

The ride from the SF Bay Area to Yosemite is about three hours. I wanted to be comfy and yet ready for any stops we make along the way. Our first stop, about half way in is at a cafe overlooking hills that seem endless. The J.Brand 910 Photo Ready (yes, they are called Photo Ready! So accurate!) Low Rise Jeans, fit like a glove and are as comfy as leggings! They are my go to for any extended events and/or trips. My favorite item of all...the ASOS drape back sweater. I'm so obsessed with anything backless, and this one I like because it's slightly sheer. It's perfect to transition from fall to warmer weather. I'm always on the hunt for other backless tops. Here is what I'm currently keeping my eye on!

Till next time fashionistas!!