Skort Story

I've got my sights set on strolling through the neighborhood finding nice gifts to take back home and bites here and there to try. Before the area of hotels begin, there's a strip of outdoor stores,  cafés and fruit stands. I was able to find a number of handmade wallets, small purses and jewelry. It was just what I needed!

Being in a country so hot and so close to the beach makes it incredibly logical to wear bikini tops and short shorts...or in my case, a skort! It's probably been decades since I've last worn a pair! This pair isn't like the old skort I grew up wearing. They are more like a super flared skirt with a separation for your legs. They are lightweight and comfortable for navigating through hot weather. Just be careful when the wind blows to hard in one direction! With the flowy material it's still possible to reveal more then intended :-)

How would have thought skorts were the new shorts?! I'm digging these as well...

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