Josa Tulum


Item 3: Spaghetti Jumper in Red Shells  / Item 4: Double V Kaftan

There are a number of retail treats in Tulum. One that was on my must-see-list which I happened to walk past few times to reach another destination; Josa Tulum. This night, I couldn't put it off any longer so I visited immediately after dinner! The store is a true beauty! It's on the jungle side and walking by, the store is completely open to the road with a white wooden porch swing nested left upon entry. What makes Josa Tulum unique, it offers great variety and...it's one size fits all!

Have you ever wished a certain print came in a different style? Or wished a certain style came in a different print? Well Josa solves all of your shopping problems with her design atheistic. The designer and owner Joanne finds inspiration from the regal feel of 70's kaftans and the contemperary vibe of New York City. Every piece is designed to offer comfort and style while strolling the beach while being sophisticated and chic enough for a dinner party. There are about a 21 different dress styles and each style comes in 16 different prints! Isn't that just what a girl has always wanted!?

The only problem with this format, it's nearly impossible to pick just one! Especially for someone as indecisive as me. Above are the prints and styles I liked the most. Check out the site and see which is your favorite!!

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