Floral Swim

Swimsuit: Victoria Secret (on sale! More colors here) / Kimono: Abercrombie Kimono (on sale!) 

It is the first day going to the beach and being here has me convinced. Hawaii is really paradise on Earth! This is my fourth time visiting and each time feels like the first. I'm staying on Oahu near Waikiki yet I always find myself heading up to Lanikai. For one, it's much more secluded than the dozens of Palace size hotels on the beach front. Less people means more intimacy with those you're with. And the water, so warm and pretty! This beach will seriously brighten anyone's day.

I find myself choosing a swimsuit based on the location. For Hawaii the more colorful the more fitting! And because I'm completely obsessed with anything floral this swimsuit made for a very decisive decision...and the word decisive is NOT in my vocabulary ;-) An item I always have handy is a cover-up or in this case a shrug so that I can explore beach with comfort. Surprisingly, I found myself wearing it with my day outfits, so versatile! So if you've got a similar crochet ensemble in your closet, bust it out and bring to the beach!

Mahalo for stopping by!


  1. I love Hawaii! You look amazing and the water is so beautiful! I really miss Hawaii and want to go back!


  2. Thanks for the heads up about the VS sale!