Craving Coral

Craving Coral

Craving Coral by Embellished Closet

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I don't know about you but I've been on this colorful kick. Today, it's all about coral! Really coral is the perfect color combination, when I don't want to feel too girly by being completely absorbed in pink...yet not feel like I'm prematurely dressing for Halloween by wearing Orange. Fuse it together and you get these gorgeous items! 

They all are super vivid and bursting with vibrant prints! The Keepsake Sweet Life dress is what got me on this craze...I love the slight tulip hem and the minimalist edge of the back! Give me any dress with a revealing back and I'm swooned ;-) Clearly the cluster rose dress is my favorite item here...what's yours?!



  1. I love coral so much! I am crushing over that crop top and skirt! They are a fantastic pairing!

    1. The skirt is such a stunner right?! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. The pumps are so unique aren't they?! I think the skirt is becoming a favorite :-)