Musée Style

Scarf/Top: Mango Printed Scarf (similar here and here) / Bottoms: Elevenses Wideleg Pants 
Hat: J.Crew Panama Hat / Bag: Target Reversible Tote Bag

Anyone that knows me well knows that I'm a sucker for history and historical archeology. So when I found out about a museum on an old Roman city I was all over it! There are a handful of museums in Nice and with the purchase of a day museum pass you have access to all of the museums for under $20! The first stop was the Matisse Museum. Much of the museum featured cut-outs that Matisse kept over the decades in his home, projects he started on and sketches with structural renderings built out. Right next door is the Archeological Museum built on the city which used to be called Cemenelum! For centuries it was a Roman city and capital that was the meeting place for city officials and politicians. Here was a large market area, Roman Baths and rooms where political transactions occurred. It was such a treat to walk through the ruins envisioning people walking about thousands of years ago. What were the people like, what kinds of conversations did they have, more importantly, what did they WEAR?! :-)

I am wearing what's featured on a few posts back on the beach, So Bleu. Only difference, I've got a makeshift top using a printed scarf I found in Paris! It was the perfect day for the beach and museum exploring.



  1. I'm also a fan of History, Vintage and Ruins, i love your outfit, so chic and stunning, love the color choices so refreshing ^^


    1. Hi Ann!
      History sure has a way of grounding us right?! And thanks! Fun and bright colors lightens my day :-)

      - Raina

  2. I love your palazzo pants and your top! Your look is classy, simple and chic! Tu fais preuve d'une élégance raffinée!!
    xoxo from France!