Jumping Stripes

Jumper: Zara Paris (similar here) / Jacket: Trouve leather jacket / Shoes: Nike Free Flyknit
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac (on sale!) / Lips: Stila Beso / Fitbit: HR Tracker

Hiya! Today's blog post is I'm sharing the not so bright side of traveling abroad. Now that I'm home safe and sound I can share without completely breaking down! Shortly after these pictures were taken I began taking pictures of a girlfriend with the marvelous Lourve in the background. In the midst of taking pictures a group of gypsies bum rushed me and my girlfriend shoving clipboards and papers in our faces asking us to sign. I thought being direct and matching their aggression would get them to back off. Instead, it was all a ploy to distract us. While we were telling them, no screaming at them, NO, GO AWAY, their hands were going through our bike baskets and they were able to steal my things. As soon as I realized the only thing left in my basket was my scarf, I knew what happened. My first instinct was to jump on my bike and go after them! But they moved so fast...so second instinct, locate them on Find My Phone and go gettem! I was successfully able to track their location but my friends refused to let me go. And understandably, I was not thinking straight and considering what could go wrong failed to cross my mind. So instead I went to the police station. 2 or 3 hours after attempting to communicate with the police officers I left with a police report and no effort to go after the thieves. I was able to track them and showed the officers, their reason for not pursuing...I have no way to prove they are my things. Such a frustrating and infuriating process! I cannot begin to tell you how down I was after these events. It literally took me going on 3 days to get over it. I didn't want to talk, laugh or enjoy this beautiful city. And in hindsight I wish I was able to just: Let. Go.

I have a few tips for you fellow travel bugs. I'd hate for anyone to have an experience while traveling abroad. Especially if traveling alone. It's important to know that there are professional thieves abroad, even locally, that target visitors. And when across the pond, it's usually easy to identify an American.

For ladies:

  • Keep your purse zipped at all times and if possible try not to care purses without a closure
  • Never keep your phone visible when not in use, i.e.. in back pocket or on table while dining
  • Do not keep your purse in a chair or hanging over chair while dining or seated
  • Always put your cash in wallet and secure in bag after a transaction before walking away

For guys:
  • Keep your wallet in your front pocket. Most guys have room in back pocket that makes it easy for pick pocketers to grab and run
  • Never carry all of your cash in your wallet. Portion cash by day and keep just that when traveling
  • Keep phone secure in a place with no visibility 
A dear friend of mine shared a very helpful link with tips on outsmarting pickpocketers. Please review, it only takes a few minutes to read. Just knowing of all the risks will keep your risks at a minimum!

Hope this will be helpful for future travel! 
Since I neglected to finesse your fashion appetite I'll leave you with some cute rompers since the one I'm wearing is not available online.

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