Sweater Sweater

Sweater 1: Banana Republic Ribbed (similar, on sale!) / Sweater 2: BR Stitched Vee Tunic (on sale!)
Bottoms: AG The Nikki Jeans / Boots: Frye Veronica Shortie Boots / Lips: Stila (beso)

Today is bittersweet. Although I miss home dearly I know I am going to miss the Nordic treasure I grew to love; Stockholm. The alluring cobblestone streets that graciously guided me around town, the ever ending smiling faces that never ceased to welcome conversation, the incredible food that took me on a culinary journey and the simple beauty of the Scandi streets. Today I only intended on having a relaxing day. A day to rest up from the 5-6 mile daily walks. Instead, I had to see the city one last time! I had to soak in as much as possible to strengthen the chemistry of this love affair before returning home. 

I once again visited my new favorite store & Other Stories and returned to COS as well. I had lunch at what was considered a "fast food" restaurant but was more like a chic chef's kitchen themed brasserie. Yes there were food trays and self serve condiments and utensils but there were also custom blown glass chandeliers, a brass sink near the condiment counter and lounge dining on the loft level... there wasn't anything about fast food about this restaurant!! 

Today I'm wearing a number of layers...A number of sweater layers! It's was especially cold today so I was pretty confident I wasn't overdoing it. Here are a few tips I've learned for traveling to cold weather climates:

  • Layer up- whether it be a tank or long sleeve tee under your primary top or sweater. Wear tights or leggings under bottoms. Don't shy away from throwing on an extra cardigan if necessary
  • Gloves/scarf/hat- it's easy to take for granted the precious warmth in your fingertips! Keeping your hands tucked in your pockets just won't cut it. Especially when you're hands are busy taking pictures
  • Hand/toe warmers- this contraption will do wonders to keep those ligaments nice a toasty!  They come is small bags and you can keep them inside your pockets, gloves and shoes. I kid you not, holding the warmers is like placing your hands above a fire!
  • It may not seem necessary being covered up so, but make sure to keep your skin and lips moisturized! The cold crisp air is capable of drying your skin tremendously
  • Wear shoes or boots with thick lining. Because a shoe is fully covered doesn't mean it's thick enough to withstand the freezing climate. Believe me, cold air and snow can seep through leather quickly! Thick boots, socks and tights are a great combination. Your legs and toes will be happy :-)
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