Happy Thanksgiving Tbt

Locations: Ko Olina, Hanauma Bay, Koko Head Crater Trail, Lanikai Beach

 Happy Thanksgiving lovelies!! This is one of the days a year I look forward to the most...and yes even over Christmas! It is the one time a year I get to see all of my family. Although my immediate family is small, we are extremely close knit and grew up together like peas in a pod. What makes it even better, between my sister and all of my cousins (6) we are all one year apart from each other! Our childhood and most adulthood tradition started at my grandmother and granddad's home. My uncle and cousins would drive up from SoCal and my sister and local cousin would anxiously await their arrival. This is the time when the liveliest and death defying hide and seek, tag, UNO games and races up the steep San Franciscian hills begin! Now that we are all adults and my grandparents no longer here, we have continued the tradition and I'm thankful that the love between my family hasn't deterred this yearly reunion! 

With life, people move on to bigger and better opportunities. One of my cousins found himself in Hawaii for work and because he couldn't make thanksgiving in California we brought Thanksgiving to him! It was probably one of my most memorable vacation and Thanksgiving to date! Who wouldn't want to ditch the cold for paradise on Earth! A few pics above capture some of the eventful moments.

As I type, I've got my eye on the time. My family from SoCal should be pretty close and arriving any minute! I can't wait to sit and catch up, listen to all the boys argue about who's the most talented football or bbal player, scarf down the most delicious and fulfilling comfort food and join hands and share what we're most thankful for. I am thankful for the element of love and the amount of it our family shares. What are you Thankful for??

Happy Holidays!

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