It's a Wrap

Bathing Suit: Target (similar here and here) / Scarf: Target (similar here)
Sunglasses: Banana Republic / Lips: Stila (beso)

Okay, I'm talking about it hair couscous fashionistas...what if you go to a pool party or the beach but just do NOT want to get your hair wet?? I am not ashamed, that is me quite often! There's no way I can visit Hawaii and not go to the beach. The only problem is, I have a wedding to attend in a few days and would like to keep my freshly done mane in order! My mom would have normally told me, since this was my school age routine, to wear a swim cap. Do gals, minus olympic medal swimmers, still wear those things?? Well today will not be the day I will start again ;-)

I improvised by wearing one of my most colorful scarves. It's quite large so it was easy to wrap up and do a fun style. This is actually the first time I've ever tied my hair up when it wasn't bedtime! Here's what I did. I made a triangle of the scarf bringing the two sides to my forehead. After tying it once tightly, I tied a looser knot. The triangle hanging over my forehead I folded into the two hanging pieces tying one last knot making a bun. Twist to the side and Vuala! Instant wrap side bun. It just so happens that the scarf matches this year old bathing suit. To keep the head wrap look super chic, stay with a vibrant color print...the more print and colors the better!

If you dare to try this at home please share with me your look! Till then, here are my picks for other fab scarf options...in order from steal to splurge.

Talk soon! xoxo

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